The Daily Draw: King of Swords

Cut To the Heart of the Matter

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The King of swords sits upon his thrown, serious in demeanour. He is sharply analytical, capable of seeing  clearly through to the heart of a matter or the person he is communicating with, using his sword to cut through pretence and subterfuge similar to how Archangel Michael might.

Though serious, he is fair. He is honest with himself as well as others and he expects honesty in return. He is patient provided he sees an effort made on the part of those around him. He leads by example, but has no intention of micromanaging and doing everything himself.

He is a leader and a protector, able to take on responsibility as the natural course of things. He will do all he can when he is called upon or he perceives a need. In a crisis he takes the lead calmly; doing what needs to be done while others might panic, stress or run for cover. He is used to stepping up because he seems to have a symbiotic relationship with trouble. He doesn’t go looking for it, but challenges find him because he can handle them, whether they take the form of an earthquake, a puncture on a dark back road, or a child’s overdue homework assignment.

The King of swords urges us to observe, study, and analyse what is going on around us. Study the facts, to be sure, but once you do be decisive and committed in your action.  It is far better to act and learn from your mistakes, than it is to procrastinate under the guise of perfecting a course of action to guaranteed success– he knows there is no such thing.

Use this energy today to find clarity and make a decision about something you’ve been struggling with, then act accordingly.

Published by David Cady

Reiki Master, Rahanni practitioner, musician, writer, free thinker, family man, not necessarily in that order.

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