The Daily Draw: The High Priestess, Reversed

When I draw a card that has come up before I usually start writing, publish, then look to see whether or not I’ve repeated myself. Generally I have not, such is the nature of Tarot it’s easy to see something or focus on something other than what I blogged before. Usually these posts are more stream of consciousness relating to what I see of feel on a particular day, and not an attempt at a definitive summary of a given card.

But when the High Priestess came up this morning in her reversed state, I was pretty sure I had said what I wanted to say earlier. And I had, in March…

Reiki Flow

Some thoughts on Intuition Blocks

Featured imageThe energy of the High Priestess is passive, intuitive, secretive, and mysterious. It is full of potential. She is the yin to The Magicians yang – the archetypal feminine energy as opposed to the masculine energy of the magician. She draws on the subconscious where the Magician is focused on rational, logical thought. She waits patiently without acting where the magician is all in-your face action.  The High Priestess is seeks the unknown and walks through the shadows of the night while the Magician prefers manifesting in the material world in broad daylight.

So why is the High Priestess reversed this morning? The most likely reason is that there is a resistance or block to the energy she wants to share with you. Maybe you can hear your intuition but you are not listening to it. Maybe you don’t trust it or are uncomfortable with…

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