Daily Draw: The Sun Reversed

The Sun reversed

The Sun is such a positive card of energy, vitality, happiness and success that when it is reversed the energy is more diminished than blocked or twisted. There may be clouds blocking the Sun, but it is still there trying to shine down on you. Maybe there is something overshadowing this energy for you. Maybe you can’t see how wonderful life is because there is some temporary setback weighing on your mind or playing with your emotions. Maybe you’re feeling a bit blocked from the flow of life, even though that flow is still there waiting for you. Maybe you’re a little too focussed on what people want or need from you and not focussed enough on what you want or need. Maybe you’re not using your own unique talents and gifts to their full potential.

Today this card is showing up for me in a few ways. For example, my vitality is a bit blocked by the son. That wasn’t a typo. We have an autistic child who, on occasion, has issues with normative sleep patterns, and so it was that I sat with him until he finally drifted off at 2:30 AM. And even though I’m having a pretty good day, I’m feeling a little rough around the edges as a result.

Then there is the fact that we have to move house within the next six months because the owner is selling up. This came up towards the end of last week, but it’s really just sinking in. Few things can cloud over the sun like moving house. Yes, it brings up potential and possibilities, and a fresh start in a new place. It is also a major pain in the butt, especially when you are talking about moving a family of six. The two of Swords reversed also came up in my morning reading as how I would feel about the energy of the day. And for me that reinforces not only having reality set in about moving, but also the possibility of being overwhelmed by it, at least from an emotional and/or mental perspective. But the Sun says, “Be positive. Roll with it. This, too, is temporary and it will all work out in the end, if not today.”

It’s probably worth saying that the Sun reversed makes a pretty good weather forecast for today, as it has been raining here off and on, with the sun trying to break through but never quite succeeding until now, for as I write this I can see it shining out the window for the first time today. And now it’s getting dull again, but at least the sun let me know it was there. And I know it will be back in full force before long.

Published by David Cady

Reiki Master, Rahanni practitioner, musician, writer, free thinker, family man, not necessarily in that order.

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