Tarot Insights: The Magician

All that Potential…

The Magician, Bonefire Tarot Deck
The Magician—Bonefire Tarot Deck

In contrast to the rather static depiction of the Magician in the RWS deck, showing all potential but no real action, the Bonefire Tarot Magician is surrounded by representatives of the elements that swirl around him. Nothing is manifest yet, but something is about to come into being—the creative process is in motion. You can nearly hear the crack of electricity as light begins to emerge from the Magician’s wand.

As close as this magician is to the moment of creation, it is still the energy of potential and not actualization. Kind of like the fool walking up to the edge then not quite stepping off the precipice. We’re still not there yet.

I’m struck now by how often I hear about dreams, plans, ideas, or even have them myself, that for one reason or another are never acted upon. I’m not saying they’re all good ideas, but at least some of them could be, and in many cases how can you tell until you begin to try to realize them? All the things we could create, the ways in which we could change the world, the people we could heal. All that potential, all that power to create.

But if it remains potential, what is it worth? Is it just a story we tell ourselves? How good life could be if only this or that would happen? Are we afraid to act? Do we not have enough faith in ourselves to bring the dream to reality? Not enough time? Don’t know how to get from point A to point Z? Are we too concerned about what others might say? What stops you from letting your inner Magician follow through to manifestation.

Hopefully your Magician isn’t completely frustrated or resigned to perceived “reality”. We sometimes find we can create in some areas while having problems in others. Yet those difficult areas are often the challenges we are meant to tackle in this life. And we can—that potential, everything we need is there inside of us, ready to be realized. What are you going to do with it

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