The Daily Draw: Ten of Cups

Don’t Be Distracted by the Drama

Ten of CupsThe ten of Cups is the completion of the cycle of matters of the heart, love, emotion, intuition. You can see this illustrated in the RWS deck by a joyous family beneath a rainbow of cups. It’s all good, you are blessed, you have joy, peace and no drama. Of course it’s a lot easier to write about drama because there’s…drama, and any good story has at least some drama. The Ten of Cups delivers a conspicuous lack of drama.

As you are probably aware, most families experience a certain amount of drama and conflict on a regular basis. Someone is born, someone dies, someone is sick, someone is going off to college, someone is coming back from a deployment overseas, the cat ate the neighbor’s hamster, the police are here again, etc. etc…and that’s just the threshold. In some homes, for example, the dinner table is covered in a residue of tension and animal fat.

The day-to-day stuff can make family life seem like the polar opposite of the Ten of Cups. But if you’re not seeing all the colors of the cup rainbow that doesn’t mean they are not there. Maybe you’re distracted by some temporary drama,

Perhaps in extreme rare cases there are families who would be better off disbanding and moving to different time zones, but generally speaking, no matter how much drama and conflict there seems to be , whether you feel taken for granted, overcriticized, or just get on each other’s nerves we would all say we love our families.

The Ten of Cups is at the core of every family, even if it is buried deep in the clouds of whatever narrative is being played out.  Because we know it’s there, and because we’re healers, we dissipate our own clouds and try to help others shift theirs so that everyone can see the rainbow.

Published by David Cady

Reiki Master, Rahanni practitioner, musician, writer, free thinker, family man, not necessarily in that order.

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