The Daily Draw: Page of Pentacles reversed

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Page of Pentacles, reversedThe pentacles are about the material, the tangible, the pragmatic. They also have to do with what is sturdy and what is trustworthy.  With the youthful energy of the page the Page this card can relate to learning to create something solid in the 3-D world or having a youthful eagerness to do so, whether that be a house, a business or a good reputation, for example.

The young person here is standing in a lush, grassy field. A grove of mature trees are in the background. To the right there is tilled farmland. My guess is this person didn’t make it that way, but they might be the latest generation of those who did, or someone who is drawn to this work but just learning the craft.

With the Page of Pentacles reversed I get the sense that something isn’t quite right. Maybe the page has taken his or her eye off the pentacle being gazed at with such intent. Maybe not enough attention is being paid to detail. Maybe corners are being cut due to impatience or external factors.  The king and the knight know it takes time and effort to produce a quality result. While there may be time-saving tips that come with experience, there are no shortcuts. You have to pay attention to the process, and not just focus on the desired result. Otherwise you may find more time wishing you were making something as opposed to actually making it.

Alternatively, reversed cards can have an internalized aspect. Depending on the context the advice here might be to think through the project, study the blueprints, plan things out before you begin. The temptation might be to just start doing your work, but some consideration beforehand can improve the effectiveness of that work greatly.

If you’ve already started the project, maybe you need to ask yourself if what you are doing is really working or whether it just seemed like a good idea at the time.  There’s no harm in taking time to see whether the steps you are taking are leading to your desired outcome. Chances are you’ re working individually, so you have sole responsibility but you also have freedom of choice to change what you are doing if you don’t seem to be getting the result you want.

Published by David Cady

Reiki Master, Rahanni practitioner, musician, writer, free thinker, family man, not necessarily in that order.

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