The Daily Draw: The Tower, Reversed

Change You Can’t Avoid

The Tower Reversed

There is a bit of procrastination and avoidance to the reversed Tower card, which might carry on a theme from the conflict avoidance that is one aspect of the reversed Five of Wands that came up yesterday.

The Tower is about significant revelation that can come with drastic or sudden change. For example, you might lose your current job for one reason or another and be forced to find another one. You might find that your health suffers from trying to do too much too often and be forced to slow down. You might find that the friends you thought you could count on and trust are not your friends at al.

The Tower forces us to look at the structures that we have either created or bought into as part of our lives, and challenges us to take action by either changing  those structures or dealing with the impact of those structures changing for us. This can seem quite daunting—we are taken out of our comfort zone and forced to make life-changing decisions.

So when the Tower is reversed, it is an indication that we really don’t want to do that despite the fact that the old way of doing things isn’t going to work for us any longer. There is a resistance, and perhaps even a fear of change. But change is inevitable of course. It’s something we have to deal with throughout our lives. Ironically, the more we resist it in general, the more likely it is that the Tower will come along to shake us out of our complacency.

The Tower never comes along without good reason. Not only will trying to avoid this energy prolong the process of change and probably make it more difficult, it will ultimately be of no use to you. Change is here.

There is also a possibility that the kind of change indicated by a reversed Tower card won’t be as profound as that of an upright Tower card, but either way my advice is to roll with it. Life will only be better when you come out the other side.

Published by David Cady

Reiki Master, Rahanni practitioner, musician, writer, free thinker, family man, not necessarily in that order.

3 thoughts on “The Daily Draw: The Tower, Reversed

  1. you know what I have notice about reversed Tower? People on picture are flying up actually. So I take it rather as an avoidance of catastrophe but in a positive way, no procrastination. It is connected with life changing experience that seems to be out of seeker control but it is rather past or moving upwards. Of course it can have a negative energy as you described too, blockage. It depends on feel of spread and situation.

    1. Thank you for your feedback.

      Like so many things I think it is a matter of perception and perspective. You see people falling up. I see people falling down but about to land on their feet – maybe things aren’t as bad as they appear. The scariest part is usually when you don’t know what will happen and fear the worst. When you have more information and can see more clearly, it is usually easier to find your way, physically, mentally and emotionally.

      Blessed Be.

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