The Daily Draw: The Empress

And so two work projects, a Yule, a Christmas and a New Year later, we are back.

Getting Back to (My Own) Nature

The EmpressThe Empress epitomizes the earth mother type. She is in harmony with nature and keenly aware of all her senses. She is nurturing and supportive. She also represents abundance in its many forms.

I’m back t work after having been off since Christmas Eve. The time was pretty much devoted to our four small children (the older four were pretty much off doing their own thing), their over-excitement, over-tiredness, over-indulgence in chocolate (mea culpa) and in a couple of cases their winter ailments. So mammy and daddy were pretty much on call 24/7 and free time to oneself was as elusive as a purple unicorn. Which is fine, the focus was where it should be considering we’re talking about a flock of three to six-year olds. But there is something to be said for getting back to a routine where you can have a quiet space, an uninterrupted cup of coffee and the ability to finish a thought without somebody trying to drown it out.

So what I’m getting from the Empress today is a sense of getting back to my own breathing space and natural rhythm of balancing intuition, spirituality, digital technology, familial responsibility, etc. Sometimes “getting back to nature” means getting back to your own nature, not necessarily camping in a field somewhere. Not that there is anything wrong with that, but it is kind of cold and wet out there.

Then of course there is the abundance aspect of the Empress. Our western culture has us conditioned to think of abundance as having a surplus of financial and other material resources at our disposal, but it can just as easily, and importantly, be a surplus of ability and opportunity to participate and make a difference in the world and positively impact the lives of the people around you. To nurture, if you will. You may have surmised from the previous paragraphs that I am indeed enjoying that type of abundance, especially in the familial sense.

Finally, for now, the Empress shows up for me In having the time and ability now to get back to writing this blog and further exploring, learning about and meditating on my own spiritual path, including my connection to Tarot.

Happy New Year to all. Happy seeking. May you all find the abundance you already have.

Published by David Cady

Reiki Master, Rahanni practitioner, musician, writer, free thinker, family man, not necessarily in that order.

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