The Daily Draw: Seven of Pentacles

Featured imageSometimes you can get so focused on a project that you can forget to poke your head up and see where you are. Are you making progress or were you spending time and energy getting virtually nowhere? No matter how much you enjoy the process (and that’s a good thing) you do need to review where you are from time to time in order to be able to sustain that process. You might be the best widget manufacturer in town, but if no one knows you’re making widgets, or you’re selling them for half what it costs in raw material and labour, then you’re not going to continue making widgets for long even if you are the undisputed king of the widget makers in the free world.

So the Seven of Pentacles is where we look up and say, “Oh, I really can make widgets. I haven’t been just fooling myself while filling in time.” Any venture is still going to be in its early days, but you might now be making a profit and capable of supporting yourself. That doesn’t mean you can sell of the widget factory and move to a tropical island, but you may at least be solvent.

You might also notice how much of a slog it’s been to get this far, but don’t worry about that. In the past you may have had less realistic expectations about the effort required.  Now those expectations are a bit tempered by experience.

On the other hand, you may now realize that this widget thing is not for you, and that’s OK to. Not everyone is cut out to make widgets. Or rainbows either, for that matter. To each their own, and in this case the Seven of Pentacles might be offering you the opportunity to say “Been there. Tried that. It’s not for me. What’s next”. One can have a tendency to feel like they have failed when that happens, but realize that you’ve just learned something important about yourself – what you don’t like. You can’t really call it failure when you can take something positive from the experience.

Published by David Cady

Reiki Master, Rahanni practitioner, musician, writer, free thinker, family man, not necessarily in that order.

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