The Daily Draw: Queen of Cups

Featured imageThe queen of Cups is the queen of the emotions. She is someone who feels things more deeply than the average person. Every moment experienced during the course of a day is perceived in a range of feelings as varied as the palette of colours an artist might use. She might not be able to articulate each of those feelings, but she knows the subtle variations of each and every one.

Someone in tune with their own feelings is, of course, someone who can more easily tune into other people’s feelings, so it should be no surprise that this queen is a natural empath. All of us are constantly pushing out and receiving emotional energy as part of the waves of energy that surround us. The Queen of Hearts is adept at reading these waves, and is therefore naturally intuitive.

She is more inclined to listen to her heart than her head, and in return her heart provides reliable information consistently. She knows when someone is being honest and sincere, and she knows when they are not. The inner relationship between this queen’s heart and her head often leads to the heart information connecting in such a way that her head receives images, and thoughts that cause her to know about people and events from within and in advance – in other words, she has an innate psychic ability.

The energy and abilities of the Queen of Cups is available to all who want to communicate with her. Imagine if young people were taught emotional awareness as an essential skill like reading and writing, which of course it is. Even without that, I think most people could work out their own emotional language and how to listen to their hearts for themselves if they would only take the time to be still, go within and listen.

Emotional self-awareness leads an awareness and respect for the emotions of others, which in turn makes one want to take care with the expression of their own. How much more peaceful the world would be if we respected each other’s emotions in the same way as the queen of Cups does.

Published by David Cady

Reiki Master, Rahanni practitioner, musician, writer, free thinker, family man, not necessarily in that order.

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